Thursday, September 13, 2007

Find real authors at Crimespace- they will even talk to you!

Crimespace is a community of crime fiction writers, readers, agents, publishers, etc. It is a Ning community, if you know what that means (click the link if you want to know more), and is good way to find lots of new authors and commentary. Here are two authors I've bumped into so far, but whose books I've yet to read: Eric Stone and L.A. Starks. L.A. mentioned being a writer of thrillers, which reminded me that I read a lot of "thrillers", but had not dredged the term up from my memory. Funny how the mind works. I mustn't forget to mention Todd Stone and D K Gaston from crimespace, also- they have been nice enough to "stop by."

Visit crimespace

As usual, Peter has revelations (and multiple languages!) at his site. The latest, because it mentioned Sweden, caused me to remember all the Henning Mankell books I've read with pleasure, but have neglected to mention so far. I'll discuss them shortly. Peter also led me to visit Bookwitch, another site about books, and a pleasant place for a chat.

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