Friday, September 14, 2007

Connections to Swedish Crime Author Henning Mankell

Reine, in the Lofoten Islands, Norway, reproduced by kind permission of the photographer, Joep van Wyk

Typing Henning Mankell into the literature map showed the following “connected” authors whose work I have enjoyed, but whom I haven’t yet written about. The authors are apparently connected by their readership (us), though I don’t know where the data come from. I’ve listed books I can recommend, where practical.

I became so intent on bringing up the next author, Karen Fossum, that I inadvertently switched nationalities for Mr. Mankell on the original title to this post. He is not Norwegian.

Karin Fossum (Don’t Look Back is a must read. Set in Norway, the story is in keeping with the Scandinavian theme in recent discussions with Peter and friends on Detectives Beyond Borders). I know Norway to some extent, having been there in summer and in winter, and I wanted to give people at least a brief glimpse of it. Norway is a beautiful country, so much so that there is little reason to leave a town or region once you have arrived, so don’t rush through too quickly if you visit. The Lofoten Islands are a remarkable place in a country where mountains, fjords and the sea conjure magic at every turn. You can hike up a mountain and see vistas where high mountain lakes merge with the sea, as if lake and sea formed one continuous sheet of flat water, even though the drop to the sea is 400 ft or greater.

Minette Walters (The Sculptress, which really scared me, The Echo, The Scold’s Bride, The Ice House)

James Ellroy (earlier work- the latest phase has been too rough for me to digest)

Eric Kästner (I loved Emil and the Detectives and the sequel, Emil and the Three Twins, as a boy)

T. Coraghessan Boyle (truly brilliant with words, a virtuoso; Sorry Fugu from T.C. Boyle Stories is a favorite short story, also found in The Collected Stories of T.Coraghessan Boyle)

Patricia Cornwell (the early to mid-series Kay Scarpetta books are great; Southern Cross is often hilarious)

Dick Francis, Jeffrey Deaver, Agatha Christie (I don’t imagine I could read her books today), Barbara Vine, Ruth Rendell, Ken Follet.

Another author from my past who showed up on the literature map, and whom I recommend completely, is Eric Ambler.

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  1. Have you read anything else of Karin Fossum's? When the Devil Holds the Candle is a good, creepy psychological thriller. He Who Fears the Wolf is outstanding, full of humor, sympathy and an unexpected deployment of investigators.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    "Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

  2. I don't think I have read any other books by Fossum. I need to double check (I lose track, one of the reasons I started this blog!).

    I have to say that Minette Walters gave me the creeps and I have put her aside for a while.

    Thanks for the advice about the other books, Jim

  3. I hope to write something on Mankell after the book fair in Gothenburg next week. Though I'm listening to him talk about his young adult books set in Mozambique. Very good.

  4. Ann, I look forward to reading the interview (on your blog?). Thanks, Jim