Friday, October 10, 2008

Coming October 16: An Interview with Author Shobhan Bantwal

As part of Shobhan Bantwal's BlogTour to support her latest novel, I will be interviewing and hosting Ms. Bantwal on October 16. Please feel free to send in questions of your own, ahead of time, so the author can respond.

Ms Bantwal's latest novel is The Forbidden Daughter, and, like her first novel, The Dowry Bride, this story addresses the rights and roles of women in India, in a dramatic setting. From the book jacket:

When a young widow refuses to comply with her in-laws' dictate to abort her unborn child, will her rebellion turn out to be the greatest mistake of her life, or a blessing in disguise? This is the story of one mother's valiant fight to protect her daughters in a society that often frowns on female children, and the only man who will help her in her battle when the stakes become impossibly high.
If you are like me, The Forbidden Daughter will provide you with a thrilling and excellent read and an entirely new take reproductive freedom, not to mention the role of physicians in society. I hope you will join us!

James K. Bashkin

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