Friday, July 4, 2008

Novels I'm reading, blogs I'm writing

Note: Edited 3/12/09

I have started a few more websites and blogs, which is one reason I have fallen so far behind in my reviews. The fiction related sites are:

Then, there are the environmental sites that I've been spending a lot of time on: as chemrat1 (This site is great but has overwhelmed me with requests and email)

A site on playing guitar for kids to adults (music, videos, players, lessons. gear):

See also my latest websites, Women Guitar Players and Pentax Digital Photography

A couple of general purpose sites that have writing and photography:

Articles on
Photos on
Please note that is now defunct, so that blog is gone, and I don't use twitter any more as chemrat (username chemrat)

This is almost the full extent of my e-publishing under my own name, bashkin001 and chemrat. I welcome you feedback on any and all of these sites, and you'll see from the squidoo sites that I am continuing to read a lot of fiction. I have one review partially written and am currently reading The Delectable Mountains by the delightful Michael Malone.

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