Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bloggers Unite for Human Rights

Amnesty International and BlogCatalog are promoting today, May 15, 2008, as a day for bloggers to speak out on human rights.

I just wrote what I felt, inspired in part by Daniel Schorr's call to action on Myanmar, heard on May 14, 2008 on National Public Radio (NPR), and also inspired by the very mission of Amnesty International. The post can be found on my other blog, Chemistry for a sustainable world, here.

A book review is in progress!

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  1. This comment only for the blog owner i just want to thanks this guy. because of i get lots of information form it.....

  2. Cyber: Thanks very much for your kind remarks.

    I feel bad about neglecting this blog lately, but have been writing a lot at Chemistry for a sustainable world and have started some new sites at the following:
    Sustainability and the environment
    Solar Power lens
    What’s a Little Murder Amongst Friends?
    Crime Fiction
    Writing and photography
    Guitar Lessons for Kids to Adults, Playing, Gear and Semi-Pro Gigging (which also features my environmental articles and photos)

    Thanks again, and also, I have a big list of books to review that I should get to soon. Best wishes! Jim

  3. Only $50 million received over charity . Thats shame .