Sunday, April 13, 2008

crime fiction on Squidoo

Crime fiction is reviewed and discussed on my new Squidoo lens, with polls and opportunities for reader input. Music is recommended to accompany reading books by various crime authors (typically the music listened to by their protagonists). Links to this and other blogs are provided. Author interviews have started to appear. There is also a new Squidoo group I just started called What's A Little Murder Among Friends?, designed for people to add their own crime fiction lenses. Join in! Membership in is free, and can be used for fun, profit or charity.

For those who don't know, Squidoo lenses are a web device for focusing attention on any subject that interests you. Squidoo groups are simply groups of lenses: people can join your group or you can add other people's lenses that interest you. You can add RSS feeds from blogs, books from, and music from iTunes. Lenses featured on What's a Little Murder... include author- and genre-specific sites built up by dedicated fans.

For those who don't care about this kind of information for bloggers, don't worry, there won't be much. If I knew more, I might have avoided posting the same story to this blog twice (see below). Undoubtedly, Angels fear to tread in the bloggosphere.

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  1. squidoo is such a big thing . I'll try to create one lens on squidoo . I havent created any lens yet .