Friday, November 9, 2007

Copyright replaced by Creative Commons License (CC)

I have added a Creative Commons license to the blog template under Creative Commons 3.0. This open source and nonprofit licensing collaboration has provided what our respective governments typically have not- a rational approach to licensing. For a great explanation, see Cory Doctorow's article. I'd like to thank my friend George Lenard, employment law blogger extraordinaire, for first alerting me to Creative Commons, its importance and relevance. My photographs have been under Creative Commons for some time now. I'll update the blog to replace or remove all of the traditional copyright symbols and claims.

This change is in part due to the tremendous response to my blog, for which I am grateful, to my feeling the need to share things appropriately, and to my growing appreciation of the Open Source and Publishing movement in its various forms.


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  1. Interesting post. I have seen the creative commons license logo on various blogs and websites but never really looked into it. I included a copyright notice on one of my posts but haven't really put up a general copyright claim.

    whether I go with a traditional copyright or creative commons, I probably really should do something to protect my ownership of my content.

  2. Alan, I think that it is a good idea to do what you suggest. I like the creative commons idea because I think attribution is important, but I'm happy for people to use my material if they do attribute it to me, and if they aren't making money off of it. For the latter, I'd expect a different arrangement.

    Sorry to be slow in responding, I have two computers down and one running in bizarre mode at the moment.