Monday, October 15, 2007

Please Read About the Environment Today

On blog action day, Oct 15, 2007, I encourage you to read about the environment. More than that, I encourage you to read articles that you do not agree with, or think you do not agree with. Challenge yourself to think from a fresh perspective, don't just inhabit familiar and safe territory. Only by understanding all sides of the discussion, at least at some level, can we make informed choices.

Science isn't a religion (at least in the normal sense), and if ideas can't hold up to scrutiny, they should be rejected. Of course, some contradictory arguments sound very convincing, but force of rhetoric is irrelevant to scientific argument in the long run, so let's not get trapped by rhetoric in the short term.

Express yourself by taking the multiple choice poll on the right, where you can give multiple answers (if you can see it- mine keeps becoming a comic book ad). Please see more on discussion, disagreement and trustworthiness of sources at my sister blogs: Chemistry for a sustainable world and my world headlines blog Thanks! Jim

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  1. I've always been sort of baffled by how many people live their lives in a bubble of denial, but I've never had it more illustrated than with the current head-in-the-sand attitude so many people have about environmental issues. I wonder what it would take to make people care?

  2. Good question (unfortunately). I don't know. I did lose 10 RSS subscribers when I became more "topical" on this site for a few posts, but I gained some other subscribers, also.

    In the US, we seem to be insulated from a lot of reality. I never remember being personally affected by striking workers while growing up in the US. That sure changed when I lived in England (wildcat power strikes, bread strikes, etc.- these were things that one couldn't ignore, especially when the lights wouldn't go on).

    Then there is the war, or should I say the wars, and, of course, The Environment.

    We just keep driving our SUVs and voting against public transportation, while voting for war. I don't get it, either.

    Maybe lots of people are just really busy this millennium.

    I do not have all the answers answers, but I think that we should all have lots of questions.

    Thanks for the feedback.