Thursday, September 6, 2007

Great Technorati crime blog, updated book list and a link to Employment law

I'm looking to use my Technorati Profile as a way of getting help from others. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. As an immediate bonus, I can recommend the following blog, found via, called detectives beyond borders, where the point of view (as to what is international) is from the USA, as is mine.

Don't forget to see fiction, mystery/crime fiction and chemistry recommendations in the updated recommended book list! Many more books are to be added, and obviously I've barely started my reviews/commentaries.

Check out the Labor Day 2007 special from George Lenard (found at this link) if you are interested in employment law. This is an amazing retrospective of the subject (and it is just one entry!). OK, this blog is getting rather eclectic. I'm sure I'll re-organize things according to subject at some point. Having worked for some large companies, I know how to reorganize! I just don't know much about blogging details yet, but every day gets me closer, and the lack of objective standards is a rare comfort in this life.

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